WestLB debt issuance programme

The transfer of business activities from WestLB (now Portigon) to the EAA has included the transfer of securities issued by WestLB.

The securities have been transferred to the EAA pursuant to section 123 (2) no 1 and section 131 (1) of the German Transformation Act (Umwandlungsgesetz - UmwG) in connection with section 8a (8) of the German Financial Market Stabilisation Fund Act (Stabilisierungsfondsgesetz (StFG)1). Below please find a list of all securities still in circulation issued by the former WestLB AG which have been transferred to the EAA. Holders of registered bonds have been informed separately by Portigon AG and the EAA. Now that the respective entries have been entered in the Commercial Register, the EAA functions as the officially registered issuer of these securities.

Note to the downloads:
TD = Termsheet (only german)
ED = Final Terms (only german)

ISIN / WKNProduct NameCurrencyMaturityDownloads
DE000WLB8GB4Erste Abw. Inh.-Schv.A.8GB v.07(27)EUR27/12/27TD

1 formerly known as Financial Market Stabilisation Fund Act (FMStFG)