Interim report as at 30 June 2021

EAA successfully continues with portfolio reduction

European Central Bank approves return of full banking licence

Interim report as at 30 September 2020

Interim report as at 30 June 2020

Interim report as at 31 March 2020

EAA well equipped for ongoing wind up

Purchase contract cancelled

Change in Managing Board of EAA

Interim Report 30 September 2019 submitted

EAA makes further progress in portfolio reduction and achieves break-even result

Standard & Poor’s raised EAA’s long-term Issuer Credit Rating

Interim Report 31 March 2019

The EAA continues to record a positive performance

EAA again with positive figures

EAA benchmark: Huge interest from international Investors

EAA again with positive figures

Another successful fiscal year

EAA places services for the remaining wind-up portfolio in the hands of private service providers

Business volume reduced by more than EUR 10 billion

EAA tapped the capital market again

The EAA continues to operate in the black and is making good progress in reducing WestLB legacy positions

Positive result in the first quarter of 2017

Another year in the black for EAA

Change in Managing Board of Erste Abwicklungsanstalt

EAA privatises its portfolio management subsidiary

EAA’s business performed well

EAA continues to reduce its portfolio, ensuring a positive result

EAA sells real estate management company WestFonds

PFS has changed its company name to Erste Financial Services GmbH

EAA issues its second Benchmark in 2016

HETA: In any scenario, the liabilities of the Province of Carinthia and the KLH come into effect

EAA acquires Portigon Financial Services GmbH

Of the loans and securities originally in the wind-up portfolio, just barely a quarter is still left

Pool of creditors files EUR 1 billion lawsuit against HETA

Positive result and significant progress in portfolio reduction

The EAA reduces loans and securities by almost a quarter in six months and achieves a positive result

Pool of creditors files EUR 1 billion lawsuit against HETA

One more successful USD-bond

Sale of WestImmo concluded as planned

Portfolio wind-up continues apace in 2015

Banking book 2010 to 2015: Wind-up spread also over difficult segments

EAA Annual Report 2014

WestImmo’s share purchase agreement signed

EAA sells significant stake

Good progress made in reducing risk exposure

EAA Annual Report 2013

EAA reduces volume of its combined portfolio by almost one fifth between January and June

Horst Küpker appointed to newly created position on EAA Managing Board

Portfolio reduced by almost EUR 70 billion

EAA reports risk positions totalling EUR 32 billion wound down within the past two and a half years

Erste Abwicklungsanstalt continues to wind down portfolio at fast pace

EAA confirms participation in Greek bond exchange

EAA confirms participation in Greek Government bond exchange

Risk portfolio down by more than a quarter

One-fifth of portfolio already wound up

EAA places benchmark bond

EAA’s first annual financial statements shaped by provisions